LSA winter break

LSA winter break

The LSA on-site division will go on winter break Oct 1st 2015. We will close down its on-site activities, including our HQ and disband the permanent staff. Equipment such as boats and field camp will be sold off and/or stored for 2016, depending on what is most cost effective. Some of us have come to …Read More

Croatian Forces Abduct Four Liberlanders After Bold River Landing

Citizens arrested in Liberland after crossing the Danube international waterway. Liberty Island, Liberland — At 19:00 local time today, three Liberland Settlement Association (LSA) vessels, in a joint maneuver, evaded Croatian patrol boats in international waters on the Danube river. Three women and one man, all Liberland citizens, successfully reached Liberty Island, a river island and part …Read More

lsa now hiring

Liberland Settlement Association now hiring

Dear All. We are expanding our local permanent staff on-site, to free up our volunteers from some of the work of running the base-camp, to provide stability and to get the necessary local knowledge and know-how. I’ll be needing: – A prof. and cost-effective Croatian and Serbian translation of the base text. – Suggestions on …Read More