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Sunday, 21 April 2024

United States

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Liberland Visits Washington; Calls for End to Croatian Harassment

As the Liberland delegation make their case for sovereignty to U.S. legislators, they also highlight the difficulties they’ve been having with Croatian authorities. “The United States has given nearly a billion dollars in military aid to Croatia, and over $140 million this year alone just for the Croatian military,” said Foreign Minister Thomas Walls.

What Americans Need to Know Before Registering a Liberland Company

I politely held my ground, clarifying the current recognition status of Liberland and specifying that my company was registered with the Government of the Republic of Liberland, and not with any other government.

Andrew Henderson gets interviewed by Fox Business

Andrew Henderson, Managing Partner at the offshore lifestyle consulting firm Nomad Capitalist, joined Lisa "Kennedy" Montgomery on Fox Business Network to discuss...
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Metropolis secures $1.2M ahead of anticipated public CLAY offering

Metropolis has successfully closed a $1.2 million investment round. The funding round saw participation from notable investors, including...
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Leading Web3 Marketing Executive Joins New MMO Gaming Project UFORIKA

UFORIKA, a pioneering MMO gaming ecosystem, has appointed Nigel Carlos as its Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Carlos’s extensive experience in marketing leadership...

Crypto Exchanges Begin to List the Liberland Dollar

Introduction Liberland Blockchain is now live in Edge, enabling users to send, receive, and trade the native assets of...

Argentina leads way in International Recognition

Local Consul, Nicolás Mateos, outlines his progress1.      Tell me a little bit about yourself - career, politics and position.I was...