The Dondo Colony

The “Dondo” Colony

Fancy living in a Tax Free colony next to Liberland?

While open acess to Liberland itself for settlement purposes remain out of reach until such time Croatian authorities engage in dialog with the Liberlanders, another interesting opportunity exists for settling in the area.

The “Dondo” Colony is a group of some 40 small holiday homes, established on what is nominally Croatian territory, but disputed by Serbia – with the permission of state-owned Vojvodina Šume.

Due to the unresolved border dispute, persons with permanent address here are subject to neither Croatian, nor Serbian income taxes!

The houses are distributed in a single row along the so-called “Secret Channel” and with their own Carda (local restrurant/bar/café) and have direct access to the Danube for flat bottomed boats.
It is realistic to assume that a future border checkpoint will be established at Liberty Island – thus making Liberland directly accessible for the properties in Dondo.

The houses range in price from typically 2500 EUR to 5500 EUR and are all owned by locals.

The LSA has the contacts in the area for anyone who would be interested in properties in Dondo, and would be happy to help negotiating and arranging purchase of Dondo properties for all interested parties.
With summer at an end, and danube flooding expected in winter and spring – prices are more attactive than anytime throughout the year.


It is possible for anyone to purchase properties in Dondo themselves, getting their own lawyer, own contacts to property holders and after getting their own approval from regional authorities (may include a visa application).

It is also possible to purchase properties directly and immidiately through the LSA!

The LSA has established the local legal entity “Liberholm d.o.o” to allow for land purchases – and also has a local lawyer to assist with the purchases. And we have direct contact to several of the property owners in Dondo and elsewhere.

We will buy any property on behalf of interested parties through Liberholm d.o.o, and issue a 1-EUR “option to buy” to the person or persons behind the financing. This will allow anyone to move fast, securing the best properties w/o all the red tape.

We encourage anyone interested to go and see the properties for themselves, and will assist with transportation and a place to stay:

If the above offer is interesting to you, contact