liberland aggression

The Liberland settlement has begun

The state of Liberland is really becoming colonised. The presidential team announced the first expeditions which have brought results. The 1st May expedition meant the creation of the office – the future Embassy – on Serbian territory. It is obvious that the president Jedlička is very careful. He is not trying to declare a massive expeditionary activity which would certainly cause major problems in neighbouring countries. It is a pity that these countries do not see president Jedlička’s activities in a similar friendly way and don’t try to make any form of co-operation. On the contrary, they perform activities which can be perceived without exaggeration as acts of aggression or restrictions on the freedom of the members of another state. At least this is the way how it is perceived by people on social networks. Police have already pronounced specific threats – imprisonment for three years when repeatedly attempting to enter the territory of Liberland. The acts of humiliation and shame were monitored in one group. Both neighbouring countries – Croatia and Serbia – seek to have free movement of people in the Schengen area, which certainly requires them to be equal partners for a free and developed Europe, which will respect the international law. So far it looks very strange.

We are looking forward to the continuing expeditions which will ensure the development of the state of Liberland. Our news server is preparing personal participation in one of the expeditions and other articles, such as interviews with the First Lady.

At this time we are passing a written request to the Croatian and Serbian embassies in the Czech Republic. We are asking for clarification of their negative approach. We believe we will be able to give you the official statement in the near future.

You can also do something regarding the whole issue. Constitutional law allows you to inquire, request information and subsequently spread it. Use the embassies in your countries and with the utmost decency inform them about your grievances and question why they reach for such extreme approaches. There must be something more behind it than just a worry that a wealthy developed nation that would bring welfare and demonstration of better free state system could be in their neighbourhood.

We better note that the aforementioned acts against the citizens of Liberland were mainly performed by the Croatian police.

If you are interested, please tell us your stories. If they are of good quality and interesting, we will publish them.