Thorium conference and the energy solutions for Liberland

On Monday, June 5th, some of the possible energy solutions were presented to the members of the Liberland government. Prof. Dr. Ondrej Chvala was speaking the first hour of the presentation mainly about the general issues of the nuclear energy about the Molten Salt Reactor. He is currently working as an associate professor of the nuclear engineering at the University of Tennessee and also making the analyses and simulations for various 4th generation nuclear power projects namely Molten Salt Reactors. He emphasized the necessary energy supply per capita increase in the context   of the quality of living. Ondrej Chvala explained various types of 4th generation nuclear technologies and their applications as possible major substitute for the fossil fuels.

The second speaker Jan Purkrabek, Minister of Finance expressed support to all activities in Liberland energy field. Also it was mentioned, that electricity is typical example of a private good, thus the State will rather encourage and support all efforts, but neither build nor operate any power resources or distribution grids.  He however expressed the support for any energy project that will be beneficial for Liberland, while maintaining international diplomatic relations must always be taken into consideration.

As a part of the presentation, Liberland Power, as a new type of certified electricity currently available on the German market, was introduced. Separate press announcement will be released soon.

The last speaker Jiri Janda, manager of MW/kW, described his current products in the field of renewable energy. The company has a mobile energy container solution for the first inhabitants living in Liberland.


President of Liberland Vit Jedlicka sees the Thorium energy as a quite very interesting investment opportunity for the Liberlanders. There is nevertheless a further need of comprehensive explanations of the decisive differences between the relatively expensive and potentially dangerous nuclear technologies of the past which are still in the operation and the new, affordable and inherently much more safer 4th generation nuclear technologies. Global Liberland Energy Summit to be organized by the end of 2017.


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