Video: How Does Liberland Fit Into The Balkans? Interview With Foreign Minister Thomas Walls

At the Anarchapulco conference in Acapulco Mexico, Liberland Foreign Minister Thomas Walls sits down with Josh Friedman to discuss Liberland’s geostrategic position in the Balkans. Where do things stand with Liberland’s border dispute with Croatia? How does Liberland factor into the overall issue of border disputes in the region? What is Liberland’s take on the …Read More

D10e presentation and Liberland’s third anniversary conference – Get your tickets

Are you ready to come to Liberland? D10e has partnered with Liberland to host one of the most prestigious cryptocurrency conferences of 2018. The conference takes place April 14th and 15th on a boat settlement. The event can be combined with the ‘cultural experience’ tour on April 13th, Liberland’s third anniversary. If you want to …Read More

Croatian Forces Abduct Four Liberlanders After Bold River Landing

Citizens arrested in Liberland after crossing the Danube international waterway. Liberty Island, Liberland — At 19:00 local time today, three Liberland Settlement Association (LSA) vessels, in a joint maneuver, evaded Croatian patrol boats in international waters on the Danube river. Three women and one man, all Liberland citizens, successfully reached Liberty Island, a river island and part …Read More