US Libertarian Party now supports recognition of Liberland

US Libertarian Party now supports recognition of Liberland

After numerous exchanges with members of the Liberland administration, such as David Molyneaux and Joseph Langenbrunner (cheers to our dedicated team members ! ), the US Libertarian now supports the recognition of the Free Republic of Liberland.

Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson, gathered four million voters during the previous US presidential election.


US Libertarian Party now supports recognition of Liberland
Liberland US Representative David Molyneaux and Caryn Harlos, holding the founding document of the Libertarian Party


This good relationship happened thanks to the efforts of Liberland team members such as Joseph Langenbrunner, Dave Molyneaux, Bogie Wozniak and Thomas Walls.

President  Jedlička was a guest at the quarterly meeting of the Libertarian National Committee last weekend. He asked the LNC to approve a resolution in support of the development of the Free Republic of Liberland as a free and independent nation.

This support will hopefully help Liberland towards its recognition on a wider scale (from states in the US, and perhaps ultimately from the US government).

If you want to go further, you can listen to the interview of Joey Langebrunner, on the Liberland Show podcast :


And below, you will find the resolution :

Libertarian National Committee (LNC) RESOLUTION




WHEREAS, The Free Republic of Liberland (Hereinafter “Liberland”) was proclaimed on April 13, 2015 upon Terra Nullius; A parcel of land unclaimed by any other nation or private entity since the dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1991 and;


WHEREAS, Liberland meets the criteria for statehood as codified in the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States; A treatise which has been ratified by The United States of America and;


WHEREAS, Liberland’s Constitution and systems of governance have been established with significant guidance from the writings of Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and other founders of The United States of America, and;


WHEREAS, Liberland is committed to be a catalyst for economic development, free trade and investment both within her borders and throughout the Balkan region, and;


WHEREAS, The primary domestic function of Liberland’s government is the preservation of the inherent natural rights and individual liberties of Her citizens, residents, visitors and guests, and;

WHEREAS, Welcoming Liberland into the community of nations will further the vision of The Libertarian National Committee, to secure the freedoms of self-determination to all peoples; now, be it therefore

RESOLVED, That The Libertarian National Committee encourages the further development of Liberland and the efforts of Her government and citizens to establish a new partner in guaranteeing the rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; and be it further

RESOLVED, That The Libertarian National Committee does hereby express regards to The President of The United States, The Secretary of State and the distinguished men and women of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and The House Committee on Foreign Affairs and respectfully request their consideration in the recognition of the Free Republic of Liberland.