Liberland President Granting Citizenship

Want Liberland Citizenship? Here’s How To Increase Your Chances

Why haven’t I received citizenship yet?  Have you reviewed my application?  When will I be hearing from Liberland?  Why is it taking so long?  These are just some of the questions you can see asked daily on Liberland forums and comment sections.  Liberland enjoys such strong support from its hopeful citizens all over the world, it’s no wonder that these questions appear so frequently.

As we recently reported, the Liberland government is fully aware of how badly its potential citizens want answers to these questions. It remains very evident that they are working through the monumental task of reviewing each and every request that they receive.  Starting a new country takes time, and that leaves most of us with little choice but to be patient and hopeful that an answer will come sooner rather than later.

But for those who aren’t willing to wait, there may be a way to earn citizenship sooner. After all, the first few Liberland citizenships have already been granted to a lucky few.  If you are anxious to “swear for liberty” you may be excited to learn that there appears to be a fast-track option.  On May 11, President Vit Jedlička made this statement: “Citizenship will be given to those who participate in building the nation by coming here, helping us to buy boats and so on.”

An old phrase comes to mind: half of life is showing up.  Liberland aims to be the freest nation on earth, a place where government handouts will likely be nonexistent.  Therefore it may be unrealistic to think that Liberland will freely hand out citizenship to each and every person simply because they have requested it.  At the core of the libertarian philosophy is the belief that with freedom comes the responsibility of taking care of yourself.  If Liberland citizenship is your goal, rather than asking for it you will likely find the better approach is working towards earning it.

The President and the First Lady have recently rented a home in Serbia, close to Liberland.  They travel to Liberland each weekend, while many others have remained on-site for the better part of a month now.  These are the people who are actually physically building Liberland and they very much need your help on the ground.  Rather than waiting for somebody to build Liberland for you, why not consider travelling there right now to help build it?  There’s something to do for everybody:  construction, computer tech/IT, cooking, photography/videography, secretarial work, translation, political activism, sanitation, transportation and many other tasks.

Is it realistic to jump onto a bus, train or plane and travel to Liberland just like that?  The answer is a clear yes, as people are doing it each and every week.  For now, Serbia is being used as a base of operations, so plan your trip accordingly.  Serbia offers visa free travel for nationals of many countries and visa requirements can be checked on the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Perhaps the thing that keeps most from taking the trip is a fear of the unknown.  Many think of Liberland as an empty forest with little to no facilities.  Luckily, Liberland is situated near several well developed Croatian and Serbian cities and towns.  Better yet, The LSA offers its campsite free of charge to all volunteers (and provides food each day as well).  The Liberland Settlement Association is working to build a permanent settlement in Liberland and is actively seeking additional long-term volunteers to help them with its task.  With the school year drawing to a close, and summer vacation time upon us, now is the ideal time to plan a trip to Liberland.

All of us want this new and exciting nation to exist, but how many of us are actively working to make sure that it does?  We can ask the President and First Lady to pick up some hammers and build everything for us, but that sure would take a long time.  Help is needed, and help is needed now.  So the next time you find yourself asking how can I become a Liberland citizen, perhaps instead try asking yourself how you can be a Liberland citizen.