What it takes for Liberland to grow

What it takes for Liberland to grow

Over 400K citizenship applicants waiting. Worldwide, libertarian believers holding breath. The question in the air is – what it now takes for Liberland to move on? It’s about time we in the project step back and explain this to our fans.

Why does settling down Liberland matter? Think of it as a global experiment in decentralizing a society. Think of a nation of individuals who decide about their lives more than their government does behind their backs. Yes, this might be a dream, but it’s a very lucid one, and the journey is what really matters. Liberland’s wins and failures will teach the world if people are better off being their own government in terms of how they work and trade in a digitalized society. But did you ever see it this way? In a while you’ll discover what Liberland has yet to overcome.

Has anyone ever made a country on libertarian, free-society principles? Never on a nation-level scale as Liberland tries to. In history, some societies (e.g.: Athenians; communities under the Holy Roman Empire; early Islanders) experimented with libertarian policies, but ultimately felt for the pressure of either the bigger guys or they gave up their powers for state-funded comforts. It’s the natural risk for countries overgrowing in scale. When misfortunes happened it was either the cause of a personal exploitation of law, or the authoritarian overuse of power.

But as one of our media critics said – the dream of an increasingly free society is seductive. Seductive enough for Mr. Jedlička and his followers to push for Liberland’s launch just to see where it goes. He himself admitted in several interviews that the project has pending donations reaching up to hundred million dollars – enough to turn 72 km into a fairyland test-site.

Before you dig into the challenges before Liberland, have two general facts in mind:

  1. The country needs time. Although it already has potential investors, it’s still being founded upon donations and 80% voluntary contribution since the start. It’s like sailing the oceans – you got the captain, but you also need a determined crew to push it (You can donate here to fund our now transparent development operations.)
  2. Freedom comes within reason. Liberlanders will enjoy numerous privileges, such as voluntary taxation and open-market policy, but you should still expect common sense laws that will keep everyone in check. No black market Fridays – read the constitution to see what to expect.

Current challenges ahead of Liberland

1. Croatia has to accept Liberland’s independence

Long story short: Liberland stands legally on a no-man’s land, yet Croatia threats the lot as a part of its territory (study: Klemenčić, Mladen; Schofield, Clive H. (2001): “War and Peace on the Danube: The Evolution of the Croatia-Serbia Boundary”). Recently, several of Croatia’s high courts ruled in favor of Liberland in some cases concerning +50 illegal arrests done by Croatian forces on our activist within Liberland and legally outside of Croatia. It seems judges begin to recognize that Croatia’s border law doesn’t include Gornja Siga, the land lot where Liberland is, as an integral part of its territory.

This situation with Croatians is still a story in the making. Liberland’s top diplomats have already prepared treaties on international cooperation and an initial borderline agreement, but the government representatives there are yet to join the talks. It’s worth mentioning that Liberland’s diplomatic methods were always sympathetic, yet we couldn’t learn what scenario would satisfy our neighbors.

2. Early economy has to be established

For Liberland to have any first settlements and even the slightest infrastructure, investors have to see its fullest potential. Early predictions from Dominik Stroukal, our PhD Chief Econimist, suggest an initial calculated 1% GPD growth for neighboring Croatia and Serbia, and that prediction could even go up to 28-60% in 50 years. (find his math in our latest annual brochure).

Much of businesses within the country will reside virtually, but considerable investors expect to see plans for land distribution soon. It’s not that you can expect prompt hotel and fast food joints constructions, but such a blueprint will give funders an idea what to expect.

Work is also underway on a peer2peer virtual marketplace based on Merits, Liberland’s currency. That should stimulate our community to channel their tax-free services through the country. Liberland is also finding ways to make Merits transferrable to Bitcoin on a 1:1 ratio, and for this reason we’re undergoing talks with many Bitcoin pioneering groups.

3. Liberland has be further recognized by notable international bodies

Many groups sharing our libertarian ideals have already vowed they believe in Liberland’s mission, but the project still has to connect with intergovernmental organizations. The highest stake here for Liberland is to join a United Nations program for societal development promoting for instance Bitcoin governance systems for digital direct democracy. For now, that could be the ultimate bargain card that other States will find potentially beneficial. Any signed bilateral treaty with a UN body would further validate Liberland as a movement with actual executive powers. Even thought, it’s not as if we stop without such recognition.

We shouldn’t forget that currently, Liberland enjoys much endorsement from politicians, activists and entrepreneurs alike. Mr. President has already met with countless groups during both world tours, with Liberland receiving praise from 4 political parties, US Congressmen and EU Parliament members (one of whomvisited Liberland in 2015), including Prince Hans-Adam II of Liechenstein and libertarian thought leader Jeffrey Tucker.

Those milestones as necessary for Liberland to become a global player existing states will reckon with. If you consider Liberland as a startup, it’s still in the maturing stage where early customers are evaluating the product prototype. At the same time, Its founder scouts for feedback and finds new ways of improving his initial eureka idea. So far it would be unfair to discredit Liberland as an unreachable dream. Considering all the interest from the media and the academia, the world now actually starts to drop its doubts about it.

Signs of optimism for the movement are everywhere, as long as you’re willing to believe in them. The fantastic economic prosperity in Hong-Kong and Liechenstein prove free-markets enrich the society, and that concept Liberland wants to evolve to the maximum. Then, a history of power-shifts over territories shows that a government doesn’t have to be physically present on site to be legally seen as a some form of administrative power. Here, Palestine and Tibet come as prime examples of lands whose various representatives had successes in diplomacy with the UN, although it’s still drama. More? Think of the status that the Sovereign Military Order of Malta has, with no land, no government, while being in relations with 104 countries. The Order further proves that a common pro-human ideology is what can actually crush down any borders between us.

Finally, remember that what makes the case for Liberland so strong is that it absolutely can’t be denied its rights to independence. International law ruling formation of countries is unspecific and therefore open to interpretation, whether it’s the declarative or constitutive theory of statehood. Precisely the declarative law from 1933 does not elaborate on how a country’s population or territorial control is defined, giving Liberland an advantage.


With all the facts at hand, you now know what priorities are there for Liberland as of now. What leads the project onward is the belief that people can be further freed from the State, and that this transformation will move from Liberland to other nations. Ask yourself – what change could happen to the world if this vision succeeds?

At anytime, you can help Liberland go ahead by contributing as an expert on IT development, finances and crypto-currency, design or by becoming a donor. If you're a believer and want to contribute to LIberland's cause, write what you could do to secretary@liberland.org. Donate here. And sincere thanks to our fans – you keep us motivated.