Who stands behind Liberland?

Who stands behind Liberland?

As you know from the latest posts, a large part of operations in Liberland is turned to establishing diplomatic roots on its way to international recognition. Our offices repeatedly receive questions on if Liberland is making any diplomatic progress, and we want to show that we do.

The country has to tie in with a number of interest groups to comply with official law regulations and to serve as a true European laissez-faire center for trade. But our ambassadors can’t just break down doors, as people have their own expectations to who and when they want to talk to. Just like the European Parliament, or the UN Commission, whom Liberland will approach someday. For that to happen, it’s logical a given state has to be active on the global scene, and at best it should already have wide recognition.


Here you will learn of our political and activist partners strategically aligned with Liberland. It means that their main representatives want to help us create further international relations to bring the country closer to regular functioning. All of them promote the similar classical liberal, minimal state and personal freedom ideologies as we do. They are:

  1. The Belgian Libertarian Party, backing Liberland as of this May
  2. Party of Free Citizens in Czech Republic led by Petr Mach, who is also a member of the European Parliament
  3. Richard Sulík, member of the European Parliament and leader of the Freedom and Solidarity Party in Slovakia,
  4. European Students for Liberty, a body of the American Libertarian non-profit organization
  5. Young Croatian Liberlans of the City of Zagreb led by Ivan Bertović
  6. The Capitalist Party from Norway led by Arnt Rune Flekstad
  7. The Spanish Libertarian Party led by Juan Pina
  8. The Up! Schweiz Libetarian Party from Switzerland
  9. The Turkish Liberal Democratic Party led by Cem Toker


We’re speaking here only of official statements of endorsements, as Mr. President managed to reach many more figures during his diplomatic tours. Also, our representatives in 70 global offices constantly try to tie in with local powers. And at all times, our Foreign Ministry is looking into ways of reaching the authorities in Croatia to discuss finally the potential of forming mutual agreements for the good living sake of both countries.

Photo source: lesscro.com


Be sure to view our official calendar to stay informed on Liberland’s upcoming events. Our members will soon attend the Free Market Roadshow in places in Europe and the World Humanitarian Summit in Turkey among other.