Liberland Chili Sauce



Once again, we at the Liberland Settlement Association, give you the unique opportunity to win an original Liberland product.
This time you can win the exclusive Liberland Chili Sauce, which in part is made out of peppers grown inside Liberland itself!

Many settlers took risks of prison sentences to make and bring this product to market. Some are indeed still sitting in jail – months later!
It took many dangerous missions inside Liberland to make sure that this product could be launched as the first, true Liberlandian agricultural product.

Care has been taken that this product is not only novel, but of the very finest quality. Not being believers in intellectual property, the recipe is ‘open-sauce’. Be aware – the sauce (not unlike the cause of Liberty) is powerful, and not for the weak at heart!

Over the course of the summer, we only managed to grow and extract a very limited number of chilis from our garden in Liberland (RIP) – so likewise, we will only be able to make a very limited number of sauce jars. A lot of heart and soul – and love, went into each and every one of them!

The only thing you have to do to participate in this contest, is to like the picture.

The winner of the contest will be randomly chosen this Saturday (5th of September) at 5 pm. (CET). The winner will be contacted directly.

If you don’t feel that the luck is with you or you just want to be sure to get one of these exclusive and limited Liberland Chili Sauces, you can order them by writing to:

1 Jar of Liberland Chili Sauce: 15 € + shipping
(All funds obtained used to support the Liberland Settlement Association)

Hurry up and participate in the contest. While available, you can also order these exclusive and limited cans of Liberland Chili Sauce, directly from the LSA.

This contest is not in any way associated with Facebook in any way. All responsibility of this campaign is carried by Liberland Settlement Association (LSA) as this contest is provided by LSA.

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